Mou Cheng Xu

Research Scientist at Odin Vision (now Olympus Corporation, Digital Unit)


4th floor. 74 Rivington St. London, UK. EC2A 3AY

Moucheng is a London-based AI researcher and engineer. He was a finalist for the Young Scientist Award (Best Paper) at MICCAI 2022 main conference (top 0.8%, 15 / 1835 submissions). He is particually interested in the application of AI in healthcare.

Previously, he received his PhD from UCL, UK, under the supervisions of Dr. Joseph Jacob, Prof. Daniel Alexander FREng, Dr. Neil Oxtoby from UCL Centre for Medical Image Computing, and Dr. Marius de Groot, Mr. Fred Wilson from GSK.


selected publications

  1. A Foundation Model for Generalizable Disease Detection from Retinal Images
    Yukun Zhou, Chia Mark A., Siegfried K. Wagner, and 14 more authors
    In Nature – Impact Factor: 64.8, 13 sep 2023
  2. midl2022.png
    Learning Morphological Feature Perturbations for Calibrated Semi-Supervised Segmentation
    Mou-Cheng Xu, Yu-Kun Zhou, Chen Jin, and 6 more authors
    In International Conference on Medical Imaging with Deep Learning – Oral, top 16%, 06–08 jul 2022
  3. neurips.png
    Disentangling Human Error from Ground Truth in Segmentation of Medical Images
    Le Zhang, Ryutaro Tanno, Mou-Cheng Xu, and 5 more authors
    In Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems – top 21%, 06–08 dec 2020
  4. miccai2022.png
    Bayesian Pseudo Labels: Expectation Maximization for Robust and Efficient Semi-supervised Segmentation
    Mou-Cheng Xu, Yukun Zhou, Chen Jin, and 5 more authors
    In International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention – Best Paper Finalist, top 0.8%, 18–22 sep 2022